According to investigators, drinking two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day may expand a woman’s waistline and increase her risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Middle-aged and older women who consumed two or more sugar-sweetened beverages such as carbonated sodas or flavored waters with added sugar were compared to women who drank one or fewer daily. The women who drank two or more beverages per day were nearly four times as likely to develop high triglycerides and much more likely to to increase their waist sizes. “Women who drank more than two sugar-sweetened drinks a day had increasing waist sizes but weren’t necessarily gaining weight,” said Christina Shay, PhD Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. While we may assume that people who consume a lot of sugar-sweetened have an increase in obesity, Dr Shay concluded that the study showed that risk factors for heart disease and stroke developed even when the women didn’t gain weight. Women may have a greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease risk factors from sugar-sweetened drinks because they require fewer calories than men, which makes each calorie count more toward cardiovascular risk according to Shay…. Neurology Reviews December,2011

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