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Honduras Neurology Clinic

In 2017, Dr. Robbins established a neurology and psychiatry clinic in rural Honduras. The clinic is free; Dr. R. visits the clinic 4 times a year and brings in 30,000 pills each time (mostly for migraine, epilepsy, depression, and Parkinson’s). The clinic employs 2 neurologists and a psychiatrist, along with other full-time staff. The clinic serves approximately 400,000 people who have no other access to medical care.


Making a Difference at Our Neurology Clinic:

Honduras – The Journals


He Didn’t Just Visit Honduras; This Chicago Neurologist Opened a Neurology Clinic There. Read this article from Neurology Today.


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Dr Robbins’ Journal From His Second Visit to the Honduras Headache Clinic in March of 2018


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Dr Robbins’ Journal From His Fourth Visit to the Honduras Clinic – Late 2018


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Dr. Robbins’ Journal From His Sixth Visit Late 2019


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Dr Robbins’ Journal From His First Visit to Set Up the Headache and Neurology Clinic in Honduras


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Dr Robbins’ Journal From His Third Visit in August of 2018


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Dr Robbins’ Journal From His Fifth Visit to the Honduras Clinic – 2019


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To Contribute

Contributions are made to the American Headache Association(AHA). Dr. Robbins started this small non-profit, a registered charity. The AHA has very little overhead and pays no salaries. 96% of donations go towards the Honduras clinic. Donations are tax-deductible. 

  • Call our clinic, 847-373-9399
  • Mail a check to the AHA: 2610 Lake Cook Rd. Suite 160, Riverwoods, Il, 60015

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