About The Clinic

Robbins Headache Clinic is known as one of the nation’s best headache treatment centers, providing care that is more aggressive and advanced than many chronic headache sufferers have ever encountered.

Each patient receives individual attention and personalized treatments selected from a wide range of options including the newest pharmaceutical medications, Botox injections, nerve blocks, SPG blocks, migraine devices and intravenous rescue medication.  These cutting-edge methods, often bring relief for especially severe and stubborn headache symptoms, that had resisted all prior treatment.  We will help get your medications covered by insurance and are willing to do prior authorizations on most medications.

Care is coordinated with other specialties such as physical therapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture, sleep specialists, biofeedback and neurofeedback.

We are a privately owned headache clinic and are not affiliated with any hospital systems.  When you call our office, you will speak with a medical assistant who will help schedule your appointment, take a message to give to your provider and or help with medication questions.

Although we do not bill your insurance, we will give you a superbill at the end of each visit, with your diagnosis and office visit code.  You will then turn in that superbill to your insurance for reimbursement.  We are often considered out-of-network for most insurance companies.  Medicare patients pay at the time of service, and we will submit the bill on your behalf.  Medicare patients often receive a reimbursement check from Medicare and or your supplement within the month. We do not take Medicaid at this time.

Please call our office at (847) 374-9399 to schedule your appointment today.


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