Came across the following comments in a Readers Digest…..

“I had a patient with migraines who didn’t want to take drugs – she wanted to deal with them by arching her back. The worse the migraines got, the more this woman arched her back. She kept doing this until her back hurt as much as her head, and she agreed to take the medication.” Loren Fishman, MD, doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation in New York City.

“I once saw a woman come to the pharmacy counter with a bunch of herbal products while also picking up a prescription. She complained to the pharmacy tech that her co-pay had increased to $35 for her medicine – a drug that probably cost $800 million and 12 years to show it was safe and effective. At the same time, she was dumping $60 or $70 on herbs that had never been tested for effectiveness or safety.” David Kroll, PhD, a cancer researcher researcher in Durham, North Carolina   Readers Digest Humor Issue  October 2011

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