Tossing and turning, or going to bed too late can make us feel drained the next day. Many migraineurs know lack of sleep is a trigger for a headache. Here are some tips for putting some pep in your step, even if you didn’t sleep well last night…..

Let the sunlight in when you wake up.  The natural light even on a snowy day helps to reset your body clock, so open the shades!

Sugary foods might give you a quick morning rush, but why not try something with protein and whole-grain carbs instead.  A whole-wheat English muffin with peanut butter and a sliced banana will give you lasting energy.

Try putting your coffee in a thermos and sip it slowly throughout the morning.  According to a study in the journal Sleep, drinking just 2 ounces of coffee per hour will still boost your energy level.

Take a ten minute walk in the afternoon.  It will stimulate your heart, brain and muscles.  If you can’t step out, pacing around your office may help recharge you.

Following a poor night’s sleep, try to go to bed around your usual time.  Staying close to your natural rhythm is better for you. According to Janet Kennedy, PhD, a New York City-based clinical psychologist, “Changing your schedule to make up for lost sleep can actually lead to other problems, like early waking and even insomnia.” You’ll feel more refreshed if you go to bed around your normal time…… Health Magazine  March 2012

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