We have a medication supply problem in the US, and Midrin is no exception..Midrin(generic is the only form available) is a combo drug of a mild sedative, a mild pure migraine med, and acetaminophen…Prodrin takes out the sedative(which is good) and adds in a small amt of caffeine. Only the generic Midrin is available, and that supply goes off and on..Prodrin is usually available, but the pharmacy has to order it. These meds fit the bill as being milder, no opioid, do not hurt the stomach, and relatively inexpensive(altho Prodrin can cost $2.00 per tablet). Midrin(generic) can certaily cause tiredness, but Prodrin does not. Midrin/Prodrin are not “triptans”, such as sumatriptan(Imitrex), Maxalt, Zomig, Relpax, etc.. Some people cannot tolerate triptans, but can tolerate Midrin or Prodrin. These meds can increase the blood pressure, at least for a # of hours, so if you have high(or borderline) blood pressure, we use these with caution. Of course, consult your physician about any med. and side effect.

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