SO, since I had the virus, I figure: hey, I could maybe be immune, I’ll volunteer at an inner city hospital. So I am applying to one in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago(inner city).  This presents issues, in that it has been many years since I did inpatient neurology. I have been teaching med students the past year, mostly outpatient neurology. I have discovered Youtube videos, incredibly great lectures on all aspects of neurology. I have switched my focus from multiple sclerosis, dementia, headache, neuropathy, epilepsy, Parkinsons TO: stroke, meningitis, bleeding in the brain, status epileptics(continuous seizures). My knowledge base for these conditions goes back some years, but I am discovering, it(sort of) comes back, like riding a bike. I am studying.  I have a (free) neurology/psychiatry clinic in Honduras, there we do see some acute emergency neurology, but it is usually the typical outpatient neurology. I am supposed to interview at the hospital this week. I will keep you informed……..and keep studying…..ciao…..adios…..para ahora………..

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