Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is named after the famous Lewis Carroll novel. The condition was first noted in 1955 by John Todd, a psychiatrist. Todd named it for Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is believed that Lewis Carroll suffered from severe migraines and the disorder as well.

AIWS is a neurological disorder that disturbs signals that are sent from the eyes to the brain, causing a distortion in perception.  People with the syndrome describe visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations and altered perceptions which can be confusing and terrifying.  Typically, they may see the sizes of body parts inaccurately, and often view the sizes of other objects in a distorted way.

While facts about AIWS are still not clear, there are some common factors linked to the syndrome.  Typical migraine is an important cause, as well as a trademark symptom of it.  Other neurological conditions can also trigger the syndrome.  It is also relatively common in children

AIWS has no proven effective treatment, but treatment programs for the probable causes are used to bring about relief.

To see and hear a patient with AIWS describe her experiences go to …..

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