The pharmaceutical company NuPathe Inc. has announced that the FDA has approved Zecuity for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults. A single-use, battery-powered patch, Zecuity delivers sumatriptan through the skin. The patch provides relief for migraine headache pain, as well as migraine-related nausea. “Migraine-related nausea can be as debilitating as migraine headache pain itself. Treatments bypassing the GI tract may be the best way to treat these patients,” said Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. The development program for Zecuity included 800 patients using more than 10,000 patches. It was proven safe and effective at treating migraine, as well as migraine-related nausea and sensitivity to light and sound two hours after the patch was activated…… Yahoo! Finance   1/18/13

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