Casey Keller, Wrigley’s president for North America said a few days ago, “after discussions with the FDA, we have a greater appreciation for its concern about the proliferation of caffeine in the nation’s food supply.” So, less than two weeks after launching its Alert Energy Caffeine Gum, the Wrigley Company has pulled the product off the market.

Recently, there has been a dramatic growth in caffeinated energy drinks, as well as caffeinated food products. This has caused concern for the increased availability of these products to children and teens. In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics said that children and adolescents should avoid caffeinated drinks because caffeine can boost heart rates, increase anxiety and interfere with sleep.

Keller called for “changes in the regulatory framework to better guide the consumers and the industry about the appropriate level and use of caffeinated products.”     5/9/13



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