According to researchers, lighting has an unusual effect on headache. Dr. Vincent Martin, MD, at the University of Cincinati College of Medicine reported findings from a study that indicate lighting represents a significant trigger for headache in migraineurs. “After adjusting for meteorologic factors associated with thunderstorms, there still remains an increased frequency of headache on lighting days. This suggests that lighting has a unique effect on headache that cannot be explained by other meteorologic factors.”
Martin and his colleagues found the frequency of headache increased by 31%, and that of migraine increased by 28% on days when lighting occurred.  All the patients studied were living in Cincinnati or St.Louis and had at least one migraine a month.  Stormy weather with lightning was defined as days when one or more lightning strikes occurred within 25 miles of a patient’s home zip code… Neurology Reviews Volume 19 Colby Stong

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