Patients often say “I can tell the weather with my head”..and they often can!!Weather is right up there, along with stress and hormones, as a major trigger…we(migraineurs..or migraineuses) inherit a very sensitive brain, genetically, that fires headache waves with a # of, stress, hormones, foods, sunlight, odors, undersleeping(or over), etc…..What is it about weather??
..we don’t really know..certainly when a front is coming in, and barometric changes are occurring(BTW, the National Weather Service predicts many things, but I cannot find a predictor, for migraine people, of barometric pressure changes..if you know of a service that predicts pressure changes, please let us know), migraine people often experience a headache. Some studies have linked highly sunny days to increased headache; which weather trigger is most important is variable between people. Not that we can change the weather, anyway….and BTW, the people, in my experience, who move(say, to San Diego or Hawaii) because of their headaches, usually report no major change..maybe a few less weather headaches, but overall about the same. They have headache clinics in those nice places, also. for comments:

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