As the weather improves with the arrival of spring, it sometimes gets difficult to stay focused when it’s beautiful outside.  This really affects students as they are preparing for final exams of the school year. Here are some tips to help keep your kids focused, and even though these tips are recommended for children, they are certainly applicable to adults as well.

Moving the body motivates the brain. Have them get some exercise before they do their homework. Whether it be riding their bike, going to baseball practice or walking the dog, it’s important they have a chance to move around before sitting down to focus.

Turn off the TV and the computer. The distractions may be too appealing and homework will take a lot longer with attention being pulled in another direction.

Make a list. Everything that needs to get done should be on that list, and it gives a great sense of accomplishment with each item that is crossed off.

Try to avoid conversation during studying. Distracting chatter will make them lose focus and waste time going over material they were only partially absorbing.

Take breaks. Depending on their age, have them take a break every 20 minutes or so. Move around, get a drink, but then back to work. Don’t let them get involved with TV or computer during these breaks.


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