Taking data from the largest study to date of the eating habits of postmenopausal women, University of North Carolina researchers compared stroke incidence and the intake of trans-fatty acids among 87,025 women ages 50-79.  The study suggests another reason to avoid fried foods and baked goods.  The women with the highest intake of trans-fat, an average of 6.1 grams daily, were 39% more likely to suffer the most common type of stroke than those women in the lowest trans-fat group, who averaged 2.2 grams a day.  Already tied to heart disease, trans-fats have seen a decline with bans, as well as labeling efforts… though they still lurk in some fried foods and baked goods.  The study also found that aspirin appeared  to counter the extra stroke risk associated with trans-fat consumption.  Check with your doctor however before starting an aspirin regimen…… Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter   June, 2012

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