Maybe your headaches have been worse than usual, or you are dealing with a personal problem that may seem overwhelming. Everyone faces rough times in their lives, and an article in the Huffington Post offers up some fresh ideas on how to take care of yourself, even during the tough moments.

Debbie Gisonni, President and CEO of Stillheart Institute, is also a contributor to the Huffington Post. The following are some suggestions she has incorporated into her life….

Be grateful – There is something to be grateful for in every minute of every day, whether it’s the warm sun, a phone call from an old friend or just another day of living.

Divert your attention – Focus on something or someone else, and you’ll give your mind and emotions a needed break. Go out to a movie. It’s okay to escape for a while.

Call upon friends – You’ll feel less alone, and a sympathetic listener with a kind word or two is sometimes all you need to cheer up.

Laugh – Give yourself permission to laugh, even when times are rough. Find that one isolated moment that is funny regardless of the terrible big picture.

Accept what you can’t change – If you dwell on things you can’t change, you’re only setting yourself up for more stress. Accept what you can’t change and take action on what you can.

Connect with your inner spirit – Amid the turmoil in my life, it was prayer and meditation that calmed me down and made me feel like I was not alone. Once you do that, you realize you can get through anything. It makes no difference what your religious beliefs are.

Move on – If you dwell on painful parts of your life, you drain your spirit with negative emotions such as anger and resentment. Let go of that baggage like a hot potato! Only then you can let new positive experiences, opportunities and people into your life.

Huffpost Health Living  3/8/13

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