Hi from guest blogger Shari-
I wanted to share this research with you, if you have ever given any thought to giving up soda or diet soda, to help your migraines or from reading Dr. Robbin’s post on November 20th,” Another Reason to Avoid Soda Pop”, that pop may be linked to osteoarthritis. I found that “Splenda” was a headache “maker” for me. Also I was facing increased A1C levels(test for sugar over a three month period), so my best option was to stop pop for good. Thus, I became a tea drinker and so I found this article interesting, printed in the December 2012 issue of “Health” magazine.
The study, led by head researcher, Karina Martinez-Mayorga at the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies(Florida) showed that tea might be a mood enhancer. The chemicals in the tea showed a resemblance to an actual mood-stabilizing drug. Green or black is fine. It might give your “happiness” a boost.
I find this study hopeful as it may be helping my mood and tea has certainly helped lower my sugar . At last test, my A1C had dropped to normal range(which is cause for “happiness” itself).:)
with hearts, shari

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