The teenage years are stressful years. There’s so much to deal with, including pressure to be accepted, to do well in school and on ACT/SAT tests, and to get along with family. This current economy has put additional pressures on families which impacts teens as well. Worrying about these pressures are normal and unavoidable.

However, feeling sad, hopeless or worthless could be warning signs of a mental health problem.

Additional red flags include:

-often feel very angry or very worried

-feel grief for a long time after a loss or death

-think your mind is controlled or out of control

-use alcohol or drugs

-exercise, diet/binge obsessively

-hurt other people or destroy property

-do reckless things that could harm you or others

It’s extremely important to get help because these problems can be treated. To find help, talk to your parents, a teacher/school counselor or your doctor.

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