Walking may be the purest and most uncomplicated exercise we can do for our bodies. Health experts tell us consistent walking not only is great at burning calories, it can also tune up our cardiovascular system, and strengthen our bones.
Its easy to get started. Make sure you wear athletic shoes that are properly fitted… you don’t want to get blisters. Begin slowly-maybe ten minutes the first few days, and increase your time as you feel stronger. Walking at a brisk pace, as opposed to a slow walk will also maximize health benefits.  Walking is also a perk for our checkbooks… no fancy machines, health clubs or trainers needed!  You can find many people heading to their local indoor mall to walk when the weather is snowy, rainy, or too cold!
Tennis champion Martina Navratilova, an advocate for walking also sees the intangible benefits.  Enjoying the surroundings, catching a glimpse of nature, and just having fun can make the journey more meaningful…..   AARP 9/10

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