This study, conducted at Sacred Heart Hospital at Hallym Univesity in South Korea investigated the association of insomnia, anxiety and depression among migraineurs. Insomnia, anxiety and depression are common complaints among migraineurs, and insomnia has been reported to be linked with anxiety and migraine. However, the association between insomnia, anxiety and depression in migraineurs has not been reported.

Of 2,762 participants, 16.8%, 4.3%, 9.9%, and 4.5% participants were classified as having migraine, insomnia, anxiety and depression, respectively. Of these participants with migraine, 38.8%, 30.6%, and 17.7% respectively have insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Among migraineurs with insomnia, 50.9% of them had anxiety and 31.6% had depression.

The investigators concluded that insomnia was a common complaint among migraineurs. More than 2/3 of migraineurs reporting insomnia had anxiety or depression.

The Journal of Head and Face Pain

June 2015

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