Americans are spending more time in their cars commuting to work these days. One likely reason… less job opportunities are compelling people to search for work farther from home.  That additional time behind the wheel can cause real pain in the back and neck for a lot of drivers.  Dr. Carrie Diulus, M.D., an orthopedic spine surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic has a few tips to help the trip be ache-free…..

Cushion your neck. “The headrest is there for a reason,” says Diulus.  It can help with neck soreness, and it’s the safest place for your head in a crash.  Slumping can increase pressure on your spinal disks.  However, you don’t want to sit perfectly straight either.  The best position is upright and leaning back slightly.  Taking pressure off your lower back can also help.  Try rolling up a towel to the thickness of your forearm and tuck it into the space where the small of your back meets the seat.

Of course, spending time in traffic congestion can trigger a headache for many people.  While listening to music or an audio book may not keep the headache away, listening to something enjoyable while you are in a traffic jam may help ease the tension…..  Women’s Health  March 2012

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