When a migraine hits, there’s so much to take in at the same time—pain that never seems to end, not knowing what had triggered the attack, missing out on precious family time, feelings of desperation and loneliness, etc.

Rough days like these can be hard to get by and so today, we would like to spread a little positive energy by sharing some self-care tips from the Migraine Buddy community!

Get enough (and good) sleep


“It’s ok to take a rest day, sleep is so important. If you put your own health first, other problems will get easier to solve.”

“I try to regulate my sleeping schedule as much as possible.”

“Making quality sleep a priority.”

“Go to bed at the same time every night.”

Indeed, sleep was mentioned very often by Migraine Buddy users as something that they do to take care of themselves. We agree wholeheartedly because lack of sleep is among the most common triggers for migraine. And it’s certainly not just sleeping, it is about sleeping on a regular schedule, having good sleep habits, and feeling well-rested in general!

Exercise regularly

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Exercise doesn’t always have to be intense cardio workouts and running on treadmills (if that works for you, it’s also fine!). In fact, many users suggested walking as a form of exercise! The common point mentioned is that no matter which physical activity you pick, just make sure that you do it regularly!

“Taking a walk in the countryside with a camera.”

“Whatever exercise you find you enjoy, make it a regular habit.”

“Get some exercise no matter where or when.”

“Exercise in green spaces.”

“Light physical exercise”

“Regular exercise is really important even if it’s only a 20-minute walk.”

“Book a weekly walk with a friend or join a gym if exercise is helpful.”

“Exercise makes a huge difference to both mental health and migraine management”


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“Incorporate a meditative exercise that you enjoy into your routine.”

“Mindfulness meditation.”

“Take deep breaths often, practice meditation.”

“Daily meditation before bed.”

“Yoga and meditation sound cliche but once I actually seriously started practicing them my mind changed.”



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