A recent study showed that pregnant women experiencing migraines, are at a higher risk for preeclampsia and other blood pressure disorders during the third trimester of their pregnancy.  Other risk factors associated with this finding include having a pre-pregnancy diagnosis of overweight or obesity.  Biological associated risk factors of those with migraines in general are abnormal vascular reactivity, increased platelet aggregation, and a high underlying ischemic stroke or cardiovascular risk profile, of which can play a role in this finding.   Maintaining a healthy pre-pregnancy weight may reduce the risk of blood pressure disorders during pregnancy of those with migraines.  Checking your blood pressure regularly during pregnancy will assist in detecting any blood pressure problems that may occur and to be monitored by your OB-GYN as recommended.

For further reading: Trimester-Specific Blood Pressure Levels and Hypertensive Disorders Among Pregnant Migraineurs.  Found in: Headache, Volume 51, Number 10.

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