Smells are a trigger for many migraineurs. Walking through the fragrance department of a store, or standing in an elevator with someone wearing a heavy cologne can cause a day or more of pain for many people. Megan Downey, a web editor in Chicago says her migraines are mainly caused by sudden weather changes, but scents can also cause her head pain. “Certain scents do cause my migraines, but I think it differs for everyone.” She adds,” For me, it’s really strong floral scents. So I never get near really flowery candles, perfumes or lotions.”

While not wearing perfumes may be helpful, we all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by someone else’s cologne.  So, even if scent is not a trigger for you, keep in mind before spraying it if you know you may be around someone who is sensitive to it….Headwise Volume 2, Issue 1   Kelly Rehan

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