Preventing a headache is definitely better than trying to cure one. There are many preventatives available but it’s important to know that these may take about 3 months at a high enough dose before you might get full relief. Additionally, headache prevention medication is much more effective when following a headache friendly lifestyle as well. These include:

-Improving sleep patterns. Try for 8 hours each night, going to bed at a regular time. Avoiding caffeine past morning can help.

-Hydrating. We’ve all heard the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water daily. Another plus is hydration can help keep headaches at bay.

-Exercise. Even one hour twice a week can reduce headaches by one third.

Weight Management- People who are overweight are at a risk of increased frequent headache, with obesity multiplying the chances to six times greater than an average weight person.

Stress Avoidance- Everyone has stress of some form in their life. Good stress can motivate us to perform our best when it motivates us. Bad stresses are those where you feel out of control and you aren’t able to get a handle on the stress. It’s imperative to resolve or retrain your reaction to the stress.

There are many options in the treatment of headaches. As difficult as it may be, try not to get discouraged. There are constantly updates and developments, and we can be certain there are always more developments to come.

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