Often we’ve talked about the benefits of exercise. Regular physical activity can provide a boost to your mental and cognitive health, as well as your physical condition. However, too much of a good thing can sometimes be a negative… and overdoing it with exercise can sometimes cause problems.

Geralyn Coopersmith, the national director of the Equinox Training Institute sees some people suffer consequences due to excessive exercising.  “Exercise is a stressor.”  “If it’s too much, the body can break down.”  Extreme fatigue, irritability, an elevated resting heart rate, and an inability to work previous levels are signs she sees in clients who may be taking things to the extreme.  Amy Dixon, a California-based group fitness instructor has also seen some people overdo it.  “I had a woman come in before my (indoor) cycling class.”  “I’d see her on the treadmill for an hour, then she’d take my class, then after she would ride longer or go on the elliptical for another 40 minutes.”  Dixon believes if you’re working out morning and evening, you are over-trained.  Common overuse injuries include shin splints, heel spurs and tendonitis.

Jessica Matthews an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise believes the value of exercise is overwhelmingly important.  Yet she cautions, that for those people who exercise excessively, the perks of better sleep and positive mood start to fall away.

“Finding a balance” is a common, even trendy statement we hear all the time.  It can be interpreted in just about any way… work/family, relationships, even eating.  While many of us need to step-up our level of physical activity, this article points out that for some people less may be more…… Reuters 6-4-12


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