Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist practicing in New York City was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year. While she had a history of diabetes on both sides of her family, she had always squeaked by with blood sugar in the normal range by maintaining her weight, and exercising sporadically. When her doctor recommended medication to control the diabetes, she refused. She was already taking almost-daily meds for migraines, as well as a daily dose of thyroid medication, and did not want to increase the odds of drug interactions by taking a third pill. “I was really scared.  I treated diabetes when I practiced general medicine, and it’s such a serious disease with so many complications.” Jaliman realized that boosting her exercise routine and giving up sugar, processed foods and white flour needed to be priorities in her life.  It hasn’t been easy. “Rehabbing” her sugar habit has been the most challenging. “I have to refuse the most incredible treats that my patients bring to me, but I remind myself that dessert is only a momentary pleasure. You eat it and it’s done”  What she has found that lasts though is the intense gratification she gets from seeing healthier blood work numbers.  Jaliman also shared a tip that has made a difference for her.  Exercising first thing in the morning works for her.  Whatever the rest of the day may bring, she knows she has exercised for the day.  “I’m like a zombie, but I never skip a day, even if I have a migraine or need to be at the hospital by 7 AM.”      Prevention   November 2012

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