Type A Training owner Nathaniel Oliver of New York City says, “the #1 tool you can use for any workout is your own body.” He suggests using stairs whenever possible, and if you have stairs in your home, use them as a workout tool. Small investments like yoga or pilates DVDs, as well as light dumbells can also help you to customize your own workout system.

For many people, setting aside time to go to the gym is not realistic. Why not consider incorporating some healthy lifestyle activities into your daily routine. You don’t even have to call it exercising! If you work at home, sitting at a computer, set an alarm to ring every hour. Taking a walking or stretching break is good for your body and your brain. Another “activity” might be walking to the room where a family member is – rather than speaking in a loud voice from where you are at. Think about how often you will be moving to do that! The next time you make lunch or dinner plans with a friend, why not change it up and meet for a walk in the park instead. The idea is to blend physical activities into the routine of your life……. HuffPost Health Living   12/3/12

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