TERRIFIC NEW BOOK: “STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: FOR DOCTORS, NPs, PAs: Clinical Pearls IN MEDICINE, OFFICE PRACTICE, NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY: (PATIENTS LIKE THIS BOOK ALSO)… Our “easy to read” book has hundreds of interesting clinical tips and pearls that you can apply day-to-day. Most of these pearls you won’t find in standard texts. The first portion of our book consists of general medicine pearls, as well as office practice advice. We finish with extensive sections on neurology, psychiatry, and the fascinating topic of evolutionary medicine.
General medicine and practice pearls: Samples: How to manage difficult patients and those with a personality disorder…Why you cannot trust the adverse events profiles from the Phase 3 studies…Generics: they are not all the same, some may work, others may not…Boundary issues are crucial in the office…”It takes a village” to help certain patients (those with personality disorders, severe pain, etc.)…How to “medicalize” anxiety and depression to patients….Catastrophizing, self-efficacy, acceptance, and resilience…Placebo and nocebo “by proxy”…..


About the main author: Lawrence Robbins, M.D. is an award winning Associate Professor of Neurology. He was selected as “Physician of the Year” by a major pain organization. Dr. Robbins has published 5 medical books and written 395 articles and abstracts. Dr. Robbins has given over 2,000 talks on various medical topics. The book is an accumulation of 40 years of experience in medicine, research, and teaching.

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