Headaches originating in the neck are known as cervicogenic headaches or muscle tension headaches. These usually start as a dull, achy pain which gets worse as the muscles fatigue and tighten.

Poor posture can affect the muscles in front of the neck which become taut pulling the head forward while putting additional stress on the neck and upper back. This leads to a “catch-22” of muscle imbalances creating poor posture which, in turn, worsens muscle imbalances. This pain can often lead to throbbing and migraine-type pain. Unfortunately office environments and repetitive motions can lead to this vicious cycle.

It is important to stretch the tight muscles in the neck and take breaks from the computer every 20 minutes. Getting up and walking around helps avoid postural strain. When sitting, try to maintain upright posture. Ideally, the computer monitor should be at eye level or just above so the neck doesn’t have to strain. Keep feet firmly on the floor to keep your spine straight. Just following these simple steps can help alleviate some strain on your neck and will help develop better habits.

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