Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center studied teens who used the app iMigraine to log specific information about their headaches. The teens responded to four prompts a day, which included triggers, duration and intensity. “This study was designed to determine if an electronic headache diary accessed via an application on an iPod Touch device would help teens monitor and report headache severity, characteristics, and duration. Additionally, information about disability, mood, stress and functioning and adherence to medication regimens and healthy lifestyle behaviors is captured,” said Brandon S. Aylward, PhD, of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  This system seems particularly advantageous to technically savvy teens. It also appears to be a more consistent way for teens to log their migraine information – versus documenting with a traditional paper diary. Said Aylward, “We found that teens using the app iMigraine, an iOS application, were able to effectively monitor and assess their pain and functioning on a fixed-based interval for 45 consecutive days using an iPod Touch. Data were sent over a wireless internet connection to a data management center to allow for real-time review of symptoms and behaviors.”   Cincinnati Children’s Hospital New Release   June 21, 2012


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