Research at the National Institute of Mental Health shows that mental health disabilities are on the rise, even as physical disabilities are declining. Hundreds of thousands of Americans age 65 and under rated their difficulties with tasks, and then chose the reason from a list which included conditions such as arthritis, obesity, as well as a category of mental health issues defined as “depression, anxiety, or emotional problems.”

 From 1997 through 2009, the non-elderly population mental health disability rose by a third. Study authors at Johns Hopkins say this indicates that Americans are beginning to understand “that psychic distress can be debilitating and that ailments like depression and anxiety often come with physical symptoms.”

It’s important to have medical care that understands and addresses the causes as well as the symptoms. Migraine patients often have underlying ailments, such as depression or anxiety,  that manifest themselves in pain. Each patient is unique and it is essential for the physician to understand what  conditions are affecting the whole person, in order to successfully treat the patient.

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