Hippocrates , considered to be the father of Western Medicine lived from 460 BC to 377 BC. His famous statement “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” not only rings true today, but is more relevant than ever. So why is it so important that we choose to eat real, fresh, whole foods? Dr. Mark Hyman, medical editor at the Huffington Post, and medical advisor for the Doctor Oz show breaks it down concisely. “Food is the most important medicine. Remember, food is not just calories or energy. It is information and the quality of the information you put in your body is the single biggest determinant of health.” The food we eat conveys messages to the cells in our body. These signals can influence our hormones and immune system which in the long run can control which genes get turned off or on.

While most of us would agree that our medications contribute crucially to our overall health and wellbeing, healthy eating is also significant to the quality of our lives. “What you put at the end of your fork is more important than anything you will ever find in a prescription bottle,” says Hyman.   Huffpost Health   2/5/13


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