Close to 11,000,000 Americans enjoy the health and well-being benefits of yoga. Rather than a trend, yoga has become an important facet of life for many people.

A recent article written by a Chicago yoga instructor who teaches a class for seniors said she has heard every excuse for not trying yoga.”Yoga is slow and boring.”  “I’m just not flexible.”  “Yoga is too hard.”  Mary Lou Cerami’s response to skeptics is it’s never too late.  Cerami has seen the calmness and the confidence yoga instills in her students.  Her group has seen a lot over the years… Breast cancer, knee replacement surgery, the death of a spouse, and the loneliness and isolation many seniors experience.  While she makes pose modifications for her students she views this as a positive reinforcement.  “I do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to yoga, and I respect and appreciate our limits.  I’ve discovered by accepting these limits that we are able to move beyond them.”

For most people, yoga is a healthy and safe non-aerobic exercise.  Overstretching, and straining muscles can be the most common side effects.  So, If you are looking for an activity that provides physical and mental benefits, as well as a dose of camaraderie, a yoga class might be for you…….Yoga Chicago Vol. 19, No. 1

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