Hi from guest blogger Shari:
Researcher, Brene Brown, PhD., wanted to find out how we cultivate courage to recognize that we are “enough” –that we are “worthy of love”, “belonging” and “joy”.
As Brene interviewed research participants, she realized that the people fell into two groups: those who have a deep sense of love and those who struggle for it. The variable between the groups was: belief in their “worthiness”.
Those in the first group had developed practices that enabled them to hold on to the belief that they were worthy of love, belonging and even joy. I (Brene) call it “wholehearted living”, because these people were living and loving fully-they were all in!
Wholehearted men and women choose rest and play over the cultural message of working all the time. They told Brene that rest and play was necessary for physical as well as emotional well-being.
Living “wholeheartedly” takes courage-from “What will people think” to “I am enough”–living and loving with our whole hearts!
Thanks, with hearts, Shari
Prevention Magazine – February 2013

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