Hi from guest blogger Shari:
On my late December check-up, Dr. Robbins asked me to share how having a dog has enhanced my health, especially my current dog, Buddy, a Belgian Sheepdog/Collie mix.
I would like to start this “Inspiration for a Monday”, with a part of a letter, I received this past Sunday, by email written by Cesar Millan. Each letter is like a little “inspiration for the week” and tells us what we can learn about ourselves from the language of dogs. I will come back to Cesar Millan at a later date as his “sharing” about dogs has also helped my health. I believe he has knowledge to help us, even if we do not have a dog or ever plan to.
Sunday’s letter was on “communication” (which i am attempting, by posting on the blog.)
Cesar says: “the only language barrier is our belief– that it is. The lesson we can take from dogs is they are all the same no matter where they come from or their breed–and SO are WE! We all want the same things even if we call it by a different name.
Once we get beyond this “hurdle” of different words, then we can truly communicate honestly and directly–and we can learn to treat each other with trust and respect.

I hope in the next couple of posts, I can communicate the special bond you can have with your dog and how Buddy has helped my health and in turn, I have helped his.

The next share will be a very brief history of the dogs I have had, and  to tell you the “health journey”, began with me helping Bud’s health status first.

thanks, with hearts, Shari


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