Hi from guest blogger Shari:
One of the joys, that helped me get through my many years of migraines, was my love of “folk art” painting. One of my facebook friends and a folk artist, whose designs, I paint, offered this idea in a recent facebook post on my page. She said sometimes, we forget the good in a day(especially if it is a migraine day, my comment). She goes on to say–starting in January, take an empty jar and fill it with notes about the good things in 2013. Next New Year’s Eve–open the jar and read just how many blessings 2013 held, large or small. It is a nice idea. Your notes can range from helping a friend that day or receiving an encouraging card, that lifted your spirits.
p.s. If your crafty–you might even decorate your jar!
Thanks, with hearts, Shari

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