For parents who don’t want to give their kids prescription stimulants for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, “natural” alternatives like Synaptol may seem like an attractive option. In fact, the company’s internet ads say “Synaptol works for ADHD guaranteed” and the company’s website says the product can help stop fidgeting, impulsiveness, and difficulty listening. There is however, no scientific evidence that the product works. In 1938 Congress allowed the homeopathy industry to regulate most of it’s own health claims, and they are rarely based on clinical trials.  When a representative for Nutrition Action Newsletter e-mailed the company asking about research to substantiate their claims, the company responded by saying “field studies and trials are not required” for Synaptol and other homeopathic medicines.  Something to think about when considering various options…….  Nutrition Action Health Letter  November 2012

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