If you are a Hobbit fan who happens to get headaches, you might want to reconsider seeing the new film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” The film is shot using high-speed 3D technology – with a high frame rate of 48 frames per second, compared to the normal 24 frames per second. Viewers who saw an early screening in New Zealand reported feeling dizzy, nauseous, and headachy. The director of the film, Peter Jackson said the benefits of the increased number of frames helps, “because suddenly you’re removing a substantial amount of the motion blur that you get at 24. Your eyes get a much smoother experience.” The New Zealand Herald reported the realism was difficult to absorb – especially during the close-up shots. Tweeted one fan “You have to hold your stomach down and let your eyes pop at first to adjust.” Sir Ian McKellan, one of the star’s in the film said “There’s a real sense of reality and, with the 3-D it doesn’t come at you, it rather takes you inside.”     abcnews.go.com    12/4/12

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