Making healthy choices when eating on the “go” can be tough.  It’s easy to drive to the fast food restaurant nearby and order something that tastes great, is quick, and affordable.  The problem is the consequences you pay for after eating whatever you want.  The possibilities of triggering a headache, migraine, fatigue, bloating, gastrointestinal upset, along with other physical conditions is often frustrating.  The emotional consequences of not choosing the healthier alternative can be aggravating.  Here are some tips to help guide you in choosing wisely the next time you need to make a quick decision on what to eat.

1)      Avoid anything that is breaded or fried, instead choose grilled items

2)      Ask then to hold the mayo or cheese, instead choose ketchup or mustard and vegetables

3)      Try a kids meal instead of getting an adult portion

4)      Take off half of the bun

5)      Avoid full fattening salad dressings, instead choose low-fat, fat-free options on the side

6)      Choose thin crust vs. thick crust pizza

7)      Keep healthy quick snacks with you at all times to avoid over-eating

8)      Research some of your favorite fast-food chains or restaurants, look at the nutritional menu and choose a couple of items that are healthier so you can make informed decisions

Making these small changes in your food choices will have you eating healthier and feeling better while on the go.

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