Hi from guest blogger Shari:
In this post, I would like to share a “hidden” benefit that Buddy gave me and improved my health.
Two years ago, my husband came down with a nasty respiratory bug, which try as I might, he passed to me. The “bug” re-activated “asthma” issues I had growing up. Luckily, I had my migraine check-up with Dr. Robbins, and he was able to help me while I was waiting to get in to see my new primary doctor.
When I got in to see my new Doctor, she spent alot of time asking about me and one of her questions was–“do you have a dog?” So we spent a few minutes talking about Buddy. After the exam and she had determined that “asthma” issues were indeed present, she said–“the fact you were walking your dog”–kept this respiratory issue from being much worse. Before I left, she wrote out my care instructions which included a mandatory 30 minute walk with Buddy each day.
When we wanted to move to the city, that my husband’s business was located in, we found a house to rent, but the owner’s concern was Buddy. My primary doctor felt the responsibility of caring and walking Buddy was so important to my health that she wrote a letter for me–and we were able to rent the house.
Walking Buddy and meds did so well for me–I was able to stop meds last April, but walking Buddy “stays” on my health care routine.
In Part IV, I would like to tell you of a special night about a year ago, when I truly realized the health “bond” I had with Buddy.
with hearts, Shari

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