Does chocolate trigger headaches? Most likely every food can trigger a headache for someone, and certainly chocolate can trigger for some people. Frederick G. Freitag, DO, FAHS, medical director at Baylor University Medical Center’s Comprehensive Headache Center weighs in on the topic…. “Chocolate is tricky because there is good evidence to suggest that, with chocolate, patients may get a premonition to a migraine a day or two before in the form of a food craving. If that food is chocolate, and the person then gets a headache after consuming the chocolate, then it makes sense that the person will think chocolate triggered the headache. But the reality is that the headache was likely already on its way before chocolate was consumed.”

That’s good news for most headache sufferers who happen to like chocolate… it’s safe in moderate amounts.  Keep in mind though, that chocolate does contain some caffeine, (especially dark chocolate) that may imitate caffeine’s features in some people…..  Head Wise  March 2012

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