It’s safe to say that Dorito’s and Oreo’s are not nutritious foods, nor do they promote themselves as healthy snacks. Yet, there are lots of foods out there that directly, or indirectly market themselves as “health” foods even though it’s questionable whether or not they are.  The following are items that contain some healthy ingredients, but also have an overwhelming amount of sugar, fat or other ingredients that you may want to consider before buying. They include….

Muffins – Have you ever chosen a blueberry muffin over a donut, thinking it was the healthier choice? If the muffin is a large, commercially made blueberry muffin, it will have more than 500 calories and 26g. of fat. A medium sized glazed donut has about 192 calories and 10g. of fat.

Granola – Many commercially made granolas are loaded with fat, sugar and calories. There is also a tendency to eat granola in large portions.

Vitamin Water – The “crystalline fructose” found in the drink is actually sugar from corn.

McDonald’s Oatmeal – It contains oats, sugar and sweetened dried fruit, as well as “11 weird ingredients you would never keep in your kitchen,” according to food author Mark Bittman.

Gluten-Free Sweets – While there may be no wheat in these desserts, they are often loaded with extra sugar.

Cold Cuts – Deli meats contain protein, but they also have nitrites and nitrates, which are forms of sodium used as preservatives and coloring agents that may act as carcinogens.

Starbuck’s Egg White Wraps – While these breakfast wraps contain egg whites, spinach and feta cheese, they also have unmodified cornstarch, palm kernel oil, xantham gum, whey powder and medium chain triglycerides in them……  Huffington Post   4/1/13

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