A healthier heart, increased creativity and a stronger immune system may all be enhanced by our desire to feel grateful for the good things in each of our lives. Just reminding ourselves once in awhile may help to give us a boost when we need it. The following are some “grateful” comments from the facebook community at huffposthealth.com:

Hot showers and coffee


Grateful that as I’m aging I’m gaining wisdom

Having a job still!

A huge garden to look after, which is so destressing

A body that works

All the close connections in my life! Without relationships what do we have?

My common sense

Life and the ability to breathe in the smells of spring

The morning itself! Got up to a good start!

We get a new day to “write a new story” in our lives everyday

Family and Friends

A long and interesting life

huffposthealth.com     5/2/13


P.S. Despite headaches, what are you grateful for?

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