At the end of each year search engine Google sums up the year in search. It can be seen as a way of spotlighting what people see as mattering most in their lives. One of the categories included is Most Searched-for Calorie Counts.

In June, Google added nutrition information to it’s search results for food items. This lets users see what looked like a nutrition label on the top right hand side of the engine’s results page. The information comes from a database overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Interestingly, this year the number one most searched calorie item in the U.S. is eggs, compared to last year’s search winner – “McDonald’s calories.” Just as surprising, there were no queries for calories from fast food chains in this year’s top ten list. It’s possible, that Americans are eating healthier this year, though it may also reflect the fact that more chains now supply nutritional information directly on their menus.

2013 Most-Searched Calorie Searches:

1.  Eggs

2.  Banana

3.  Beer

4.  Oatmeal

5.  Sugar

6. Sushi

7.  Wine

8.  Popcorn

9.  Coffee

10. Avocado


2012 Most-Searched Calorie Searches:

1.  McDonald’s Calories

2.  Chipotle Calories

3.  Calories in an Avocado

4.  Vodka Calories

5.  Calories Burned Walking

6.  Calories in Bananas

7.  Calories in Watermelon

8.  Subway Calories

9.  Calories Burned Calculator

10.  Calories in Strawberries


Time Health & Family    December 17, 2013

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