Since last year, government health officials recommend that everyone six months or older be immunized against the flu. And with grocery stores and drugstores offering walk-in flu shots it’s easy to add vaccines to your list of errands. “We know that our pharmacy guests are in-store about once a month,” says Dr. Kevin Ronneberg, Target’s associate medical director. “The more needs that can be met from getting fresh produce to buying diapers and baby food, the more convenient it is for them.”
However, different state laws regulate whether retailers can vaccinate children, so it’s worth checking out before you plan on taking the kids to the store for their flu shot. Some states have also changed their laws regarding vaccinations. A new state law in Indiana allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to kids over 11 years old without a prescription. In Pennsylvania, legislators are currently considering a change that would let pharmacists administer vaccines to children seven and older, instead of 18 and older.

Public health officials hope that if more people can get vaccinated at their convenience, immunization rates which typically are around 30% to 40% each year, will increase.

Kroger, one of the largest American food chain retailers provided over 1 million flu shots last year at it’s pharmacies in-store. Kroger pharmacists also plan to provide the FluZone HD vaccine, a higher dose shot, for seniors this year. The company will also carry a limited supply of the new four-strain influenza vaccine that will be available for the first time this season….   9/4/13


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