Positivity researchers are looking at new “happiness triggers” that can give people a lift – in ways we may not have thought about before. We know exercising, and petting the poodle can make a difference – why not consider some of the following tips for jumpstarting your weekend!

Less can be more when parenting. Research has shown that women who apply “intense mothering” to their kids are more apt to be depressed than women who believe “good enough” is just fine. In the long run, lightening up is good for both mom and kids. Studies have shown that depression in a mom can lead to increased risk of depression, anxiety and school problems in kids

Thursday is the new Friday. Researchers at the London School of Economics tracked the moods of 45,000 people using a smartphone app called Mappiness. They found that getting through “blue” Monday, “terrible” Tuesday and “woeful” Wednesday, people were rewarded with a bounce on Thursday that helped them get through the week.

Aging is a good thing. Our neurons react less intensely to negative situations as we age. In a recent national survey 42% of those over age 50 said they felt optimistic about the future, and 60% believed they looked at least 5 years younger than their actual age!

Read a newspaper. A University of Maryland study looked at how 30,000 people used their free time. Reading a newspaper, rather than watching TV appeared to be a significant difference between most- and least-happy people.

Smiling is better than frowning. Researchers at the University of Kansas subjected participants to stressful lab tests including submerging their hands in icy water. Smilers, even the ones who were faking it had lower heart rates after the test – a sign they were not as stressed…… Prevention  January  2013

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