From records passed down over the centuries, it has been documented that many famous historical figures most likely suffered from migraine headaches. Julius Caesar, Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh and Lewis Carroll were all probable migraineurs. Famous people in our era include actor Ben Affleck, Wimbledon winner Serena Williams, and retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.  Interestingly, Elvis Presley was also known to have migraines.  Now comes word that the new co-anchor for the Today Show on NBC, Savannah Guthrie has been struggling with migraine attacks since sitting in the co-anchor chair, though apparently she has had them for years.  Though we don’t know her triggers, it may be possible that studio lights, lack of sleep, and the stress of beginning a new high profile job are contributing factors. According to a quote in the New York Post, a source says “You would never be able to know anything was wrong by watching her at work.”  Maybe she’s inspired by the song written by fellow migraineur Carly Simon – “Haven’t got time for the pain.”     Ny Post 7/20/12


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