Families from across the country, including New York, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida have moved to Colorado in hopes of obtaining a type of marijuana oil that they hope will heal their children with neurological disorders.

The marijuana oil, which is made by a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs is called Charlotte’s Web. Indispensary, the name of the business that sells it, also carries  several types of potent marijuana and edibles. Buyers must present certifications from two practicing Colorado doctors in order to obtain it. Charlotte’s Web is amber in color and thick as honey. It smells like marijuana and tastes like raw plants. The oil is low in THC, which gets users high, but contains lots of cannabidiol, or CBD, a chemical that does not provide a buzz.

The families call themselves “marijuana refugees.” Many of them have left family members and jobs behind in states where marijuana is not legal, or cannot be used to treat children.

As more of these families arrive in Colorado, they have bonded together – conservative Christians, Muslims, liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans. They babysit for each other’s kids and share dinners together. And, they wait, hoping that the incredible successes they have seen in television reports and online videos will happen for their children.

“We really didn’t have any other options,” said Annie Koozer, whose family arrived in Colorado from Tennessee in search of help for Piper, their 2-year old daughter, who has a rare genetic condition called Aicardi syndrome, in which the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain is missing or damaged. She has about 400 seizures a day.

While she still has seizures, her parents say she is sleeping more, and seems more alert. They don’t know if her progress is sustainable, but they have decided to stay in Colorado, away from their extended family, and give the oil a shot.

Dr. Margaret Gedde, a Colorado physician has recommended medical marijuana to many families with children who have severe epilepsy. Of 11 families who’s children were treated with CBD oil, eight said their children’s seizures have fallen by 98 to 100%. Dr. Gedde and her co-researcher, Dr. Edward H. Maa, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine will present their findings to the American Epilepsy Society at a meeting next week.

Heather Jackson, who’s son Zaki  once had 200 seizures a day, said he has not had a seizure in 14 months. “It’s really incredible,” she said in an interview. “For whatever reason, this has put his syndrome into remission.”

The oil has offered hope to these “refugees” who for many have watched their children “vanish” due to seizures, or the side effects of powerful drugs.

Aaron Lightle, who moved to Colorado with his wife and 9-year-old daughter Madeleine, recently said during a dinner with other families, “Thank you for bringing us together.”       nytimeshealth…..12/5/13

P.S. One reader wonders if it may help migraineurs as well.





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