Researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center were curious to see the effects of headache frequency and level of disability on patient confidence in their established treatment plan.

The children studied were between the ages of 7 and 18 years.  Of the 77 patients in the study, 54 had chronic migraines (at least 15 headaches/month) and 23 patients had 4 to 14 headaches per month.  The feedback from the patients suggested that children with fewer headaches were more likely to be confident in their treatment plan, and chronic migraineneurs were more likely to report less confidence in their treatment plan.  The researchers also noted that the children with chronic migraine reported a greater level of disability, and were more likely to report less faith in their treatment plan.

The Cincinnati researchers believe further testing is needed to support their findings.  However, they indicated the identification of these patients is important so that extra time may be given to their education regarding their abortive and preventative regimes; resulting in better understanding, and consequently improved outcomes…… Headache  The Journal of Head and Face Pain   May, 2012


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