What we may not realize, is that it’s as easy to become dehydrated in winter as well as the summer. Each day the body loses about 8 cups of water, and that fluid needs to be replenished. When you become dehydrated your blood becomes thicker making your heart work harder. Water also helps carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, controls blood pressure and lubricates joints.

There are signs that can indicate you are dehydrated. Some people can get migraines (see blog posts, 2/13/13, 4/15/12). Dizziness and muscle cramping can also occur.

While the obvious way to rehydrate is to drink water, some foods can also help. Karen Owoc, professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Society of Sports Nutrition says most people think of watermelon as a food that has plenty of water in it. While it’s not a plentiful fruit this time of year, you can find lettuce which is 95% water, oranges contain 88% water, and apples, 84%.    cnn.com   2/18/14

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